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Colin Wallace – The CEO Corner

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At this point in the early weeks of our capital raise, we are blessed to have both solid financial capital support as well as human capital support. On the financial side, we have soft commitments that exceed $1.5 Million which includes: both Angels from Keiretsu and Pasadena, and soft commitments from Family Office investment groups from Washington, California, and Texas. Interested parties are pending our closing of an Angel round and completion of our Due Diligence package, which will be available on Tuesday, October 30th.

For me, almost more than anything that has come from these investor groups; is the outpouring of human capital and support from individuals and groups, including the U.S. Military and several of the 501(c) groups that they are supported by.

The vision and purpose of this enterprise was clearly defined by our remarkable team as being as important, if not more important, than the profits we are able to achieve. In particular, is the concept of revolutionizing the income structure available to this class of people as 250,000+ of them exit the Military each year. Unfortunately, many of these hard-working people end up on family assistance and food stamps, due to excessively low wages and impaired availability of a LIVING FAMILY WAGE.

In addition, we have received strong support from all these groups and individuals based on our 6-Hour Work Day. Allowing these individuals (some wounded) to receive the ample time to recover, and continue to remain in good health; while providing them with the necessary skills and training to be able to do the work required in good spirits, and with a sense of pride.

This extra time allows them to focus on rebuilding their often-strained family relationships; due to economic, separation and recovery hardships, the ability to readily increase their education options to improve their market value and experience, and most of all, combined with a substantial living family wage, full health and 401K benefits, and profit sharing. This mission of ours will give them and their families the dignity they truly deserve for the sacrifices they have been willing to make for us to be able to enjoy the free capital lifestyle and these investments we have all been able to achieve.

We want to thank you for your support and consideration.